Lab Members:

Principle Investigator
Dr. Julie Champion

Postdoctoral Fellow Tianxin Miao
Yeongseon Jang

Graduate Students
Anusha Garapaty
Kevin Ling
Timothy Chang
Alex Tsoras
Adam Caparco
Kelly Hyland
Anshul Dhankher

Trudy Padmore
Sung In Lim
Xingjie Zan
Lina Herrera Estrada
Won Min Park

Cyril Lukianov
Melanee Wang

Champion Lab Through the Years

Sung In Lim

Sung In Lim
School Of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

B.S. Chemical and Biological Engineering (2006), Seoul National University
M.S. Chemical Engineering , Pohang University of Science and Technology (2008)
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering , University of Virginia, (2015)

Professional Experience
Research Scientist, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Division of Protein Engineering (2008-2011)