Lab News

Adam and Alex proposed their PhD Theses and are officially Ph.D. Candidates! Congrats!

Julie received a grant from the Curci Foundation for intracellular antibody delivery.

Cyril Lukianov successfully defended his undergraduate research thesis in Chemical Engineering. Congraulations, Cyril!

Tim successfully defended his Ph.D in March! Congratulations, Dr. Chang!

Yeongseon received a 2017 STAMI Scientific Travel Award

Anusha successfully defended her Ph.D. in February! Congratulations, Dr. Garapaty!

Alex was awarded a travel award for her poster at the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference at Georgia Tech

Cyril wins PURA for Fall 2016

Congratulations Yeongseon, Trudy, Anusha, and Tim on first author publications!

Welcome Anshul Dhankher and Kelly Hyland to the lab group!

Julie accepted her tenure position!

Won's manuscript accepted into Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Welcome Alexandra Tsoras and Adam Caparco to the lab group!

Cyril selected as Petit Undergraduate Research Scholar

Anushya, Stefan and Siva win PURA for Spring 2015

Julie and Andreas Bommarius awarded NSF grant for the project "Engineered Protein-Inorganic Self-Assembly to Control Enzyme Performance and Recovery."

Debra wins PURA award for Summer 2015

Julie awarded 2015 Junior Facuty Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Champion Lab receives $104000 grant

Won successfully defends his Ph.D.

Won's manuscript accepted into JACS

Lina successfully defends her Ph.D.

Lina wins the best abstract award at the nanoDDS conference

Julie appointed as Tanner Junior Faculty Fellow

Bradley's manuscript accepted in Acta Biomaterialia

Tim receives NSF Graduate Fellowship

Lina's manuscript accepted in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Julie honored as the 2014 Outstanding Advisor by the Bioengineering Program

Samantha and Christina win PURA award for Spring 2014

Bradley wins PURA award for Fall 2013

Won's manuscript accepted into Angewandte Chemie

Carah wins 4th place in 2013 AIChE Southern Regional Poster Competition

Tim wins ChBE Exemplary Academic Achievement Award 2013

Julie wins 2013 CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Carah wins PURA Spring 2013

Julie wins GTEC seed grant 9/2012

Stanley Chu wins PURA Fall 2012

Julie & Andy Neish win Rainin Breakthrough Award for inflammatory bowel research 8/2012

Annie awarded PURA Summer 2012

Julie & Baozhong Wang win NIH R01 Award for influenza vaccine research 5/2012

Julie wins NSF Award for breast cancer research 9/2011

Lina wins ChBE Outstanding TA Award Summer 2011

Julie & Andy Neish win Rainin Breakthrough Award for inflammatory bowel research 8/2011

Julie & Todd McDevitt win NIH Supplement Award for growth factor delivery research 5/2011

Julie wins Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching from Women in Engineering 3/2011