Recent Lab News:

Adam and Alex completed their PhD Proposals are officially PhD Candidates!

Julie received a grant from the Curci Foundation for intracellular antibody delivery.

Cyril Lukianov successfully defended his undergraduate research thesis in Chemical Engineering. Congraulations, Cyril!

Tim successfully defended his Ph.D in March! Congratulations, Dr. Chang!

Yeongseon received a 2017 STAMI Scientific Travel Award

Anusha successfully defended her Ph.D. in February! Congratulations, Dr. Garapaty!

Alex received a travel award for her poster at the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference

Cyril wins PURA for
Fall 2016

Yeongseon Jang, Trudy Padmore, Tim Chang, and Anusha Garapaty all receive first author publications

Welcome Anshul Dhankher and Kelly Hyland to the lab group!

Julie accepted her tenure position!


Welcome to the Champion research group in the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Our work broadly focuses on developing biologically active nanomaterials for therapeutic applications in cancer, wound healing, and auto-immune diseases. We make materials from proteins, allowing us to tune both the specific biological interactions and the physical properties.

macrophages and bacteria macrophage and worm raisins